Sports Hall Flooring Restoration

Around 70% of all UK sports halls are made from Granwood composite flooring because of its hardy and long-lasting nature. 

Granwood Composite Flooring

A floor for life, scrub and seal every 2 to 3 years, depending on usage

Saint Wooden Flooring

Restoration & Maintenance of Wooden Flooring

Games Lines or Court Markings

Specialising in Sports Hall Flooring Restoration

Why choose Saint Wooden Flooring?

Specialising in Sports Hall Flooring Restorations


My name is Steve Thornton and my company was incorporated 19 years ago after I’d spent 8 years working for Granwood Flooring.  Granwood manufactured quality, durable wooden floors for all locations and during its 100+ years of trading had built up a reputation that was as solid as its floors.  In my time there, I laid their floors, sanded, court marked and sealed them all over the UK, the Isle of Man and Malaysia.

Shortly after I became a father, my priorities shifted and I wanted to be able to work more flexibly around the needs of my growing family.  I had begun to be inundated with requests to carry out work for local builders who were refurbishing colleges and universities and so Saint Wooden Flooring Ltd was born in 2001 and I took great pride in refurbishing wooden block and parquet floors to the high standards that Granwood had instilled in me.

Since starting up, I have refurbished floors in sports halls, school corridors, assembly halls, conservative clubs, dance studios, entertainment venues and so on – anything involving wood or composite floors.  In my eyes, it’s not about sanding and sealing the floors; I see the job through from site survey, to marking out and painting of the game’s lines.  I feel extremely proud and gain a great sense of satisfaction in bringing an old floor back to life and always strive to do the best job possible for my customers.

Please feel free to request a survey to see if your sports hall flooring can be resurrected.

Sports Hall

Is your sports hall in need of a facelift?

We can restore your sports hall back to new and even repaint the games lines.

School Assembly Hall

Granwood flooring is very hardy and guaranteed not to splinter, the perfect type of flooring for children to play and sit on.

We are fully insured and have enhanced DBS clearance to restore your school assembly hall back to its former glory…

Dance Studio

Keep your dance studio in tip-top condition, ready to help glide your dancers across its smooth polished surface…

Yoga or Gym Studio

Maintain the look and feel for your clients to train at their best, keep your studio as healthy as your clients with a scrub and seal every few years…

Club or Hall

Conservative club or village hall? Let’s restore your community space with our restoration and maintenance service, keeping your visitors coming back again and again…

Sports Hall Flooring Restoration & Maintenance

The transformation is amazing, you won’t believe what a difference it will make…

Granwood Flooring Restoration and Maintenance.

Around 70% of all UK sports halls are made from Granwood composite flooring because of its hardy and long-lasting nature.  Granwood flooring is environmentally friendly, resistant to water, fire, changes in temperature, humidity, dry rot and termites.  Some sports halls can last 50 years or more depending on usage.  Granwood flooring is guaranteed not to twist, buckle or warp, offering a truly robust flooring for high traffic areas such as sports halls.

Maintenance in the form of sanding, scrub and seal is necessary every few years.

Before and partly sanded…

The amazing finish. Sealed with game’s lines…

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